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Dance Class

Younger Dragonflies

Our classes are fun and engaging whilst also teaching good technique and discipline.  We have a range of younger classes starting from age 2.  Please read on for more info. 

Need help?  Please contact us and we'd be more than happy to suggest a suitable class.  Free trial lessons are available for all children's classes. 


Tiny Dragonflies

An exciting introduction to ballet involving lots of songs, use of imagination and props such as scarves and musical instruments.  Students begin to learn the basic ballet positions and practise gross motor skills such as skipping, jumping and galloping.


Saturdays 9am – 9.30am for children age 2 - 3


Mini Dragonflies

A fun ballet class using a mixture of free exercises and set exercises from the RAD Pre-Primary syllabus.  The class works on consolidating gross motor skills and refining fine motor skills.  The importance of imagination based learning is maintained with short imaginative movement sequences.  This class encourages self-expression, develops listening skills, co-ordination, good posture, strength and artistry.


Tuesdays 4.15pm – 5pm age 3 – 4

Saturdays 9 – 9.45am age 4 – 5


Little Dragonflies - Ballet 

A wonderful ballet class following the RAD Primary syllabus.  This class teaches classical ballet steps whilst nurturing self-expression, musicality and sense of performance.  Self-expression and acting skills are encouraged through imaginative and fun dances.


Saturdays 9.45am – 10.30pm from age 5


Little Dragonflies – Combination Class

This combination class lasting for 1.5 hours offers a great opportunity for dancers to experience ballet, tap and modern in one class.

Ballet – this part of the class follows the RAD Primary syllabus, teaching ballet steps whilst nurturing self-expression, musicality, co-ordination and strength.

Tap – this part of the class follows the ISTD Primary syllabus.  Tap is an exciting, percussive, rhythmical dance form and is excellent for developing rhythmicality and a sense of performance.

Modern – this part of the class follows the ISTD Primary/Grade 1 syllabus.  Modern is an exciting dance genre that uses travelling steps, kicks, leaps and turns and incorporates jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance styles.


Tuesdays 5pm – 6.30pm from age 5


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